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We provide quality water filtration systems for your business or office in St. Petersburg, Tampa and Clearwater, FL!

Here is an image of our Oasis counter top water filtration system.  It not only provides filtered water but you can choose from either the hot or cold spigot.  Start your employees day off right by offering them coffee made with freshly filtered water or if they don’t drink water they can have tea directly made from the hot water reservoir of our counter top water filtering system.

Make employees feel like they are so much more than just a number, give them energy and provide them with quality water and coffee from Classic Coffee Service.

Oasis Counter top water filtering system image

We offer a wide range of Coffee Brewing Equipment.  If you have something specific, just let us know.

Oasis bottleless water filtration systems

Great tasting bottle water without the heavy bulky bottle!

Many of our clients have converted over from the bulky bottled water coolers for the sleek urban floor model water filtration systems.  No more having empty bottles accumulating in the office closet waiting for exchange.  These units provide both hot and chilled water for employees to enjoy.  We highly recommend that you take advantage of this system for you coffee brewing needs.  There is no finer coffee than that made from fresh sparkling water that has been filtered through one of our floor models.

Time to step up your coffee brewing system and water drinking pleasure by installing one of our classic coffee service water filtration systems.

Learn more about our coffee brands! If you don’t see it on our list we can get it!

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