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Office Breakroom Coffee Machines For Business in FL.

Saving Mother Earth One Cup of Coffee at a Time

As early as the 1960’s coffee vending makers began to reveal a new product at airport terminals, hotel lobbies, and commercial buildings with heavy foot traffic around the globe. The United States  specifically was targeted and the people loved it. Today, coffee machines will produce your coffee, scorching delicious chocolate latte, soup, herbal tea dependent upon the machine you install from our company.

Coffee Pods and their machines are the new trend in business and in the workplace. These Pods are biodegradable which is best for the world compared to the older K-cup made from plastic. The Pods are pre-packaged ground coffee grains in their own biodegradable personal filter. When the sheathing is positioned in a coffee maker, the machine closes the filter package into a tiny enclosure. At that point the machine pushes water via the enclosure right into a cup. There are actually some devices that make use of gravitational force as opposed to atmospheric pressure to make the coffee.

The brand new POD coffee devices we possess are incredibly sophisticated in appearance and efficiency. Instead of the significant square containers of the past, newer coffee machines do not use up significant space. Coffee Pods come in many of the favorite coffee flavors that you would expect.

Two main advantages of Pods over K-cups:

  1. Eco-friendly
  2. Lower cost

Do you need help with the design and creation of your office break room coffee station? We can help!

We would enjoy talking with you about your office break room or call center service needs. We are a full-service vending company that can provide food, snacks, water, water filtration and coffee services for you business and employees.

Give Classic Vending And Coffee Service a test drive.

Bunn 3 burner pot roast and bean coffee making machine.

Traditional Roast and Ground Coffee Making Systems For Your Business Office in St Petersburg, Clearwater, Tampa, FL.

Many of our business partners prefer their coffee brewed the old fashion way with traditional roast and ground coffee makers.  One of our very favorites is the Bunn glass pot coffee maker with standby warming stations to ensure that you have fresh brewed coffee waiting in the wings for those important employees as well as customers that visit your business.

Bunn Roast and Ground Coffee Maker Systems.

Single Cup Coffee Systems

Single-cup coffee systems like Keurig offer convenience with the latest coffee making technology one cup at a time.  Single-cup systems will allow your employees to select the brew that best fits their taste in the moment.  It may be a vanilla flavored brew early in the morning and a chocolate flavored brew after lunch.  If you want to offer your employees the flexibility of single cup brewed coffee just let us know when you request our service.

Keurig pro series makes coffee making easy.
Keurig Coffee Makers are preferred by many of our customers.

Bean to Cup Coffee Makers

If you really want to provide the Cadillac of Coffee Makers to your employees introduce them to the Bean to Cup Coffee Maker.  There is nothing that compares to making that perfect cup of java directly from freshly ground coffee beans.  If you would like to learn more about this service give us a call.

Coffee has never been better with the introduction of bean to cup coffee makers.
Bean to Cup Coffee Makers are the latest rage

Snack Vending Machine Vendors At Your Service!

All of our snack vending machines in Pinellas county can be used with or without cash. Cashless readers are on our snack vending machines for many reasons including managing prices faster, easier accounting, faster delivery and convenience for everyone. If you need snack vending machines for your business office or call center we can get you setup quickly. As you already know we have coffee machines and all your vending needs including water delivery.

We use the safest and best cardreaders made in the USA. Click the picture to learn more about the system used on our vending machines to collect money.

Our snack vending machines accept Google Pay, Apple Pay and most major credit cards.

Vending Machine Equipment For Business Offices.

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