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We have been providing coffee vending services for over 25 years right here in the Tampa Bay, FL area. This page shows some of the major brands of coffee we carry but this is a small list compared to what we actually have available for your business office or call center. The brands listed are some of the most well known and liked coffee brands that you have likely heard of and have drank before. We are happy to provide them to you and you workforce.

You may not see the brand of coffee your business office wants on this page but don’t worry because we can get it. We have been working with a local St. Petersburg brand called New Dawn and a Tampa coffee brand named Naviera that are getting rave reviews and we continue to add more local brands everyday. Many people do not know it but the Tampa Bay area is filled with local coffee makers that may be your next favorite brand.

If you need coffee vending services for your business or restaurant we would be happy to supply you a risk-free quote.

Maxwell House

Maxwell House “Good to the last drop” was founded in 1892 and surprising was named after the Maxwell House Hotel in Nashville.  Joel Cheek and Roger Nolley Smith worked together in 1884 to create the perfect blend of coffee beans.  The origins of Maxwell house trace back the the Maxwell House Hotel, Joel and Roger gave 20 lbs of their perfect blend to the hotel owner free to see how well it would be received by patrons.  Once the Hotel ran out of the blend and started serving other blends of coffee patrons complained so strongly that the Hotel began using the blend exclusively.

In 1915 Maxwell House began using the “good to the last drop” slogan as a marketing mainstay incorporating the slogan on labels and other forms of advertisement.  The slogan has been working for over 100 years.  Peak Sales for the brand occurred in the 1980’s where sales were at their peak.  Today Maxwell House Coffee is still a leader in the coffee industry.  It is one of the most popular coffee brands for company break rooms affordable and great tasting.  It is currently our most requested Coffee with our customers.

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Folgers Founded in 1850 in San Francisco was one of the first companies to produce roasted and ground coffee ready for brewing.  Prior to this coffee drinkers would buy green beans, roast and grind them up on their own.  Folgers special roasted and ground up blend began to sweep California due to some foot or horse work by James Folger as he traveled throughout the state.

In the early 1900’s Folgers decided to open up a plant in Texas and this would take the company to the next level of delivery.  Folgers was beginning to sweep the country with their brand of blended coffee brew.  Ownership continued to grow the brand until they were bought out by Proctor & Gamble at which time they soon became the number one coffee in America.  Today J.M Smucker Company owns the Folgers brand and boast a wide and diverse number of coffee flavors and brands to select from.  If Folgers is your choice of Coffee just let us know when you fill out your request for quote.  Folgers is a trusted and preferred partner for us so we would love to provide their unique blends to you and your staff.

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Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin’ Donuts Founded in 1950 in Quincy Massachusetts.  The company has grown from a single store in 1948 to over 12,000 stores in 36 countries.  Dunkin’ Donuts has become a favorite for many Americans, in fact in 2011 Dunkin’ Donuts ranked first in customer loyalty for five straight years.  Funny thing is when you think of Dunkin’ Donuts you think of their donuts but donut sales are only makes up 8% of their total sales.  They largest portion of sales is drinks, 65% which the largest portion would be their selection of hot drinks, coffees, teas, hot chocalates.

Dunkin’ Donuts have taken advantage of this and create some very high demand flavors that customers love such as pumpkin, salted caramel, hazelnut to mention a few.   Ice Coffees are a huge part of their sales, customers utilize the drive thru to grab their favorite iced coffee, latte, and/or macchiatos.  We will bring Dunkin’ Donut coffee to your workplace.  If your goal is to treat you employees, clients, or customers to a refreshing coffee blend this may be your choice.  Remember to let us know so that we can ensure that we quote your service accurately.

How about spicing up your office's energy with Dunkin' Donuts Coffee.

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Peet’s Coffee

Peet’s Coffee started in 1966 when Alfred Peet opened a corner coffee store in Berkley California.   Alfred moved to America after World War 2 and was appalled at what we Americans called Coffee.  So in 1966 he opened his shop and introduced he style of coffee, small batches, fresh superior quality beans.  His dark roast resulted in a rich and complex coffee blend.  By 1969 Peet’s Coffee was gaining ground in the area commonly called “The Gourmet Ghetto” which was some say was the origination point for artisan coffee movement.  Alfred Peet soon became the inspiration for a whole new generation of coffee entrepreneurs, including the founding fathers of Satrbucks.

Since 1969 Peet’s has grown their brand of coffee by their unrelenting commitment to quality.  Their growth has been fueled by those true coffee lovers who have come to appreciate the deep flavors of their blend.  Alfred’s influence to set the bar higher and higher means that coffee lovers will continue to get a better tasting cup of coffee each and every time.  This is a top of the line coffee brew and you can expect to spend more for you service with this request but believe me this fuel will keep your crew humming at warp speed throughout the day.  Ask and you shall receive.

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Starbucks simply put is striving for perfection with providing the perfect coffee blend or flavor that will make you taste buds dance for joy.  Starbucks opened their first store in 1971 in Seattle with two goals in mind to share great coffee and make the world a little better place to be.  In 1983 Howard Schultz company CEO while traveling to Italy was charmed by the allure of the many small local Italian Coffee Shops.  He was completely captured by the romance of the whole coffee experience that he had a vision of bring that back to the United States.    A place where people could communicate and have a greater sense of community.

Starbucks is extremely passionate about their services and providing the best possible coffee experience.  They offer a large selection of premium teas and coffee brews that everyone has tried at least once in their life.  The Starbuck team is committed to providing the highest quality coffee in the world.  They have had many powerful influences in creating their brand and will continue to push their goals of becoming the very best in service to customers of today and tomorrow.  If Starbucks Coffee is your favorite and you would like to provide it as your choice of coffees just let us know.

Starbucks Coffee Logo

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Seattle’s Best

Seattle’s Best Coffee was founded in the early 70’s was formerly known as Stewart Brothers Coffee.  Their signature blends are roasted in a peanut roaster to create the variety of smooth, delicious coffee blends.  Seattle’s Best Coffees humble beginnings started out on Seattle’s Pier 70 where the coffee beans were thrown into a 12-lb peanut roaster providing a unique coffee experience and flavor.  It didn’t take long before the demand outgrew the operations resulting in having to relocate to a new location on Vashon Island.  Seattle’s Best now found themselves supplying coffee throughout most Seattle Coffee shops.

Today Seattle’s Best continues to grow and expand operations.  Over the course of 45+ years Seattle’s Best Coffees have been developed into many very flavor filled blends that coffee drinkers across America enjoy all day every day.  They have perfected their roasting process to ensure that they continue to provide signature coffee blends to their loyal base of drinkers.  If you are thinking you would love to have Seattle’s Best in your coffee cabinet then drop us a note and let us know.  We will certainly ensure that you shelves are topped off each and every week.

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